Our community has been clear about its provincial & federal priorities:

  • We don’t want the CN Intermodal Hub.
  • We want a modern GO Station with more frequent 2-way service.
  • We need the Province to build new schools and deliver on the Milton Education Village.
  • We don’t want the Campbellville Quarry and the Premier needs to keep his promise to the community.
It's time to fight for fairness for Milton.
It's not a platform. It's a promise.
I believe we can grow without building high-rises in already established neighbourhoods.
It’s time for more than houses & warehouses.
Too many local businesses are being driven out by high-rise condos with nowhere to go.
It’s time to protect local small businesses.
Patchwork budgets from council coalitions have left us facing large tax increases just to keep the lights on.
It’s time for budget leadership.
Investing in infrastructure maintenance, fire services, transit, parks and recreation means more than dollars and cents.
It’s time for services to keep pace with growth.
Poor infrastructure, lack of transit and unsynchronized lights cause avoidable traffic congestion.
It’s time for a modern transportation network.
Traffic calming devices, speed cushions and better enforcement can control speeding on our neighbourhood roads.
It’s time to focus on community safety.
We can protect our green spaces, plant more trees, and keep our parks, boulevards and trails clean.
It’s time to invest in a clean and green future.