Monday Oct 24, 10am-8pm

Together we can create the most livable community for everyone.

It's time for a Mayor who fights for Milton.

I believe we can accept growth while protecting small businesses and creating new jobs. We can grow without building high-rises in already established neighbourhoods. We can expand our transit system to meet our regional needs. We can make sure our fire department has the resources it needs to protect us.

It’s time for more than houses and warehouses.

We can protect our green spaces. We can plant more trees. We can keep our parks, boulevards and trails clean.

It's time to make Milton the best place to live.

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Meet Zee
  • A respected and influential voice on Council since 2010, Zee has made it his life's work to make Milton the best place to live.
  • An experienced and successful tech sector leader with a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science, Zee’s entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in his creative problem solving on Council.
  • Zee is passionate about mental health, sustainability and creating livable communities.
  • He has served as a director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton and Hamilton, and currently serves on the boards of Halton Healthcare, Halton Community Housing Corporation and Conservation Halton.
  • Zee lives in Milton with his wife, blended family of six children and their cat named Sushi.
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